Best-selling Author of Christian Non Fiction Books

Best-selling Author of Christian Non Fiction Books

Best-selling Author of Christian Non Fiction BooksBest-selling Author of Christian Non Fiction BooksBest-selling Author of Christian Non Fiction Books

Welcome to my website. I am hopeful that you will see something positive and inspiring that will encourage your heart and spirit.  Thanks for stopping by.

My Work

I believe I was in 8th grade when I first heard a teacher use the word eclectic.  I thought it was one of the most sophisticated, extraordinary and elegant words that I had ever heard!  I still do.  I first used the term in grad school to describe my advising style (I'm a retired University Academic Advisor). 

 I now use it to describe the range of things that  help me identify as a writer-- Christian Non fiction (2 published award-winning and best-selling Christian books!); an historical fiction novel (2 more are coming so stay tuned!); plays based on local history (my home town of Portsmouth, VA) and (a few collections of) Christian based plays (for Drama Ministry programs). I served as Drama Ministry Coordinator for about 20 years at my church.  It's absolutely mind boggling and thrilling to me to write something and then to hear it spoken by someone. 

 About 25 years ago, I started a local readers theater troupe.  We call ourselves "The Not- Just- for- February- Players" and I do the research and writing (Creative Director) for our performances.  We're a small troupe (4 players) and we specialize in the full range of African American literature and culture as well as plays that I write for the group.  It's exciting and challenging work and I love it. 

 The other writing includes Sunday School and Vacation Bible School curriculum (also for my church); magazine articles; letters to our local paper as well as those written for friends and family (complaints, references, etc.); syllabi for teaching classes on publishing for a local university from time to time and facilitating workshops.  It all just adds to the "calling" of writing and speaking opportunities.  It's that eclecticism!


My Community: "The H2 Square Crew!"

 I am a part of a community of Christians who believes that our Heavenly Father has called us to write for and about Him (Hab 2:2) and for this calling, He has given us/ empowered us with specific gifts and talents to be used via writing. For those of us who have answered that call, wherever we are, I call us "The H2 Square Crew". 

 I also believe that we are to encourage, support, pray for each other as well as support and pray for those who are struggling with their "call" to write.  Sometimes that means that those of us who are more experienced writers must say things that may prove unexpected and difficult to hear to those who are new at this but we say the words in love and pray that it is received in love and with an open heart, mind and spirit.  

The Word of God teaches us that " . . the strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves . . ." (Romans 15:1)  God sends His agents of love and mercy to aid, support and to cheer us along.  "The H2 Square Crew" is that "honest and loving cheering" squad! 


We want to help so make sure you check out the "Tips/ Advice and Wisdom" page.